Printing at MIT

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All students are able to print, scan and use the copier function on any Ricoh printer, as long as they have a valid MIT ID card.

A few things for students to note:

  1. You will need to register your MIT ID card on the Ricoh printer before it can be used for the first time.
  2. The printing and copier functions are not free of charge. Student must top up their accounts before using these features.
  3. You will be also able to print from your own device (BYOD) through Citrix (Virtual MIT Desktop). Citrix Setup.

Follow the below guides for printing , copying and scanning features at MIT

Quick Question and Answers

How do I top-up my student printing account ?

You need to register your ID card on our printers. You can do this at any printer on MIT campuses. Swipe your card and enter your student email and password on the screen. You can then top-up your card via the Ricoh website.

How much does printing cost?

Printing Cost as follows:

A4 BW (single) = 10c per page
A4 BW (duplex) = 16c (8c per side)

A4 Colour (single) = 50c per page
A4 Colour (duplex) = 80c (40c per side)

A3 BW (single) = 20c per page
A3 BW (duplex) = 32c (16c per side)

A3 Colour (single) = $1.00 per page
A3 Colour (duplex) = $1.60 (80c per side)