How to access Learner Portal

The Learner Portal is a central location where students can find information about their enrolments, results, student finances, track attendance as well as links to other MIT resources – i.e. academic staff.  

IMPORTANT:  Learner Portal uses a different  password to the one you currently use to access other MIT services. Follow the steps below to access the Learner Portal. 

Step 1 | Obtain your username/password for Learner Portal 

Your Learner Portal username and password details are sent to your MIT email address when you first enrol in a course. Please check your email. 

Note: If you haven’t received this email, continue with the instructions to reset your password or contact to request your Learning Portal login details. 

Step 2 | Logging into Learner Portal 

1. Go to the Learner Portal login page by clicking on this link – 

Note:  You can also access to the Learner Portal via links on our MIT website or the home page (see below). 
  •  Learner Portal link is at the top of the page. 

2. Type in your Learner Portal login details and click on the Login button.  You should now be logged into your Learner Portal account.  

Forgotten your password? 

1. If you have forgotten your password, under the Learner Portal login button click on the “Forgot your password?” link. 

2. Type in your username or email and click on submit. 

3. A message should appear notifying you that an email was sent. 

4. Check your emails and follow the prompts to reset your password (you will be also asked a security question). 

5. You should now be able to access Learner Portal.  

6. If you are still having issues, please email the Learner Portal Help on 

For any other MIT-based IT issues, you can contact Technology Services Service Desk on  
0800 62 62 52 (option 3) or 09 968 7676 (option 2) 

Download PDF document here