How to Login into Canvas

Accessing Canvas within MIT network

  1. Go to link. You will be directed to the Microsoft login page.
  2. Please enter your username followed by (not email address) (i.e. or to sign in.
  3. Your password is your current MIT password.

This should take you to the Canvas page.

Accessing Canvas remotely  

To access canvas from outside MIT network you need to install the Microsoft authenticator app on your mobile phone and follow the guide below to register your phone.

Once you have completed the MFA setup, a notification will be sent to your phone and you need to approve it to guarantee your access to Canvas, Citrix or Microsoft Suite.

Further Help:

For any Canvas related issues, you can call Canvas Help: 0800 569 020

For any MIT-based IT issues, you can contact Technology Services Service Desk: 0800 62 62 52 – option 3 or 09 968 7676 – option 2