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Does Technology Services support personal laptop issues?

Technology Services are able to assist when you are not able to access your applications e.g. Office365, Canvas etc. Please use the following contact details

For username, password or email enquiries call Tech Services on 0800 62 62 52.
For Canvas enquiries, including access to courses call 0800 569 020.
For Learner Portal please email the Learner Portal team at

Due to the nature of BYOD and students having their own personal devices, we are not able to support specific hardware and software issues e.g. physical damage, virus infections, upgrade or software purchases. You may be able to get assistance directly from the manufacturer or by visiting a service centre e.g. P B Technologies Manukau branch (Take along your student ID, as the repairer might offer a discount for current students).

Please visit our BYOD page, for recommendations and suggestions if you are thinking about buying a new device, or upgrading your current one.

Does MIT sell antivirus software?


MIT does not sell antivirus software for personal computers or any other BYOD devices.

Free antivirus software is available from the following links; , ,



What is Zotero and how do I access it?

Zotero is a reference management tool. It allows you to capture information about books, journal articles, websites and many more resources. You can store these resources in your Zotero library and use them to create in-text citations and reference lists.

  • Features of Zotero
  • Free to download.
  • Desktop based and online options.
  • Single click capture of bibliographic information and full-text documents such as PDF’s (where available)
  • Access your Zotero library from any computer that has internet access.
  • Back up your Zotero library to the cloud (300MB of storage including PDFs you saved to your library, paid options also exist for extra storage).
  • Manage and organise your library using collections and tags.
  • Share your collections with colleagues or other researchers.
  • Generate formatted in-text citations and reference lists within word processor documents (e.g. Microsoft Word).
  • Versions available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

For more information, please visit the Referencing Guides page or contact the Library and Learning Services team on (09) 968 8777 or

How do I update my cell phone and email details for the Password Reset tool ?

There are 2 ways to reset your password via;

  1. Text message
  2. Personal email

Note; If you have changed your cell phone number or  personal email address, you will need to contact your faculty so that they can update your details.

I have forgotten my password for the Learner Portal, how do I reset it?

The Learner Portal does not use the same password as your MIT password. You can use the “Forgot your password?” option on the Learner Portal login page. After putting in your student username and clicking “Submit” Learner Portal will send an email to your student email address with a password reset link. Follow the instructions to reset your password. Alternatively, please email the Learner Portal team at

How do I get support for Canvas?

For Canvas support you can contact canvas support : 0800 569 020

Canvas Guides

Chat with a Canvas Support







MIT Password Policy

It is recommended that you regularly change your MIT issued password.

Note that student passwords do NOT expire, but they must meet the following requirements;

You new password must be:

  • 9 characters long
  • Contain at least 1 lowercase letter
  • Contain at least 1 uppercase letter
  • Contain at least 1 digit
  • Contain at least 1 special characters (e.g. * ( ) . & – _ [ ] ` ~ | @ $ % ^ ? : { } ! ‘): 1
  • Your new password must not be identical to your old password
  • Must NOT contain your username or ID number
  • Must NOT contain your first or your last name


How to reset your password via text message?

Students can reset their password using MIT password reset tool either via text message or the personal email address, which we currently have on file.

Below is quick instruction how to use the tool to reset password via text message

1.Click on Reset your Password via text message as shown below

2. Please enter your username and click on continue

3. The page will display your mobile phone number partially to protect your privacy.

If this is not your mobile phone number, please contact the AskMe! Team on 0800 62 62 52 to update your mobile number.

If the number shown on the screen is the correct then click on continue.

4.You will receive a text message with a code number in a few seconds. Please be patient.
5.Please enter the same number on the screen. If you enter the wrong number it won’t proceed to the next step.

6.You should get the screen to enter a new password. Please follow the password policy to set up a new password.

How much does printing cost?

Printing Cost as follows:

A4 BW (single) = 10c per page
A4 BW (duplex) = 16c (8c per side)

A4 Colour (single) = 50c per page
A4 Colour (duplex) = 80c (40c per side)

A3 BW (single) = 20c per page
A3 BW (duplex) = 32c (16c per side)

A3 Colour (single) = $1.00 per page
A3 Colour (duplex) = $1.60 (80c per side)


How do I contact Technology Services

Our Contact details and hours are as follows:
Phone Us : 09 968 7600 Option 2
Email Us :

Monday to Friday    8:00 am to 5.00 pm

You may also find the answer to your enquiry on the Technology and Online Learning FAQ page.