How to reset your password via text message?

Students can reset their password using MIT password reset tool either via text message or the personal email address, which we currently have on file.

Below is quick instruction how to use the tool to reset password via text message

1.Click on Reset your Password via text message as shown below

2. Please enter your username and click on continue

3. The page will display your mobile phone number partially to protect your privacy.

If this is not your mobile phone number, please contact the AskMe! Team on 0800 62 62 52 to update your mobile number.

If the number shown on the screen is the correct then click on continue.

4.You will receive a text message with a code number in a few seconds. Please be patient.
5.Please enter the same number on the screen. If you enter the wrong number it won’t proceed to the next step.

6.You should get the screen to enter a new password. Please follow the password policy to set up a new password.