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Once you have changed your password successfully, you are ready to log into your Google account.

MIT uses Google authentication for Canvas and this is your @manukaumail.com address and your password.

If you have never logged into Google before, you first need to activate your Google account by going to https://accounts.google.com and log in using your xxxxx@manukaumail.com email and new password.


If you have a personal or private Gmail account, you will need to add your xxxxx@manukaumail.com to your account.  Go to https://accounts.google.com and click on the button that is either your picture or a G symbol:


In the pop-out window, select Add Account:


Log in using your xxxxx@manukaumail.com email and new password.

Once google has accepted your credentials, and if you have logged in for the first time. You will need to accept the Google Terms and Conditions:


Google might prompt you with recovery options, you can skip this by clicking on done.


This should take you to the Canvas page, first time users will be promoted to accept the terms and condition of canvas:


Click on the dashboard and you will see all the course you are enrolled into9

For any Canvas related issues, you can call Canvas help: 0800 005 191 This will connect you to Canvas Help Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.