Access Local Drives and Devices

This page explains how to change the settings in the BYOD environment, so that you can access your local disk drive as well as any USB devices.

When you launch the MIT-Desktop, the following pop up message will display.




You can choose to either;

  • Block Access: This will prevent the BYOD environment from accessing any local disk or devices


  • Permit Use: This will allow the BYOD environment to access local disk and drives


If you know which option you prefer, you may check the box beside “Do not ask me again for this site” to prevent the message from appearing in future.

What do I do if I change my mind?


  1. When you are logged on to your MIT-Desktop, look for the pull down menu and select





  1. Click the File Access tab and select the appropriate option you wish to take. Click OK to finish.










Download PDF document here