Enabling Citrix X1 Mouse

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To make it much easier to use Windows applications on your iOS device, you can configure Citrix Receiver to use a special Citrix X1 Mouse

You can also configure Receiver settings to use an external monitor and use your iOS device to control the display using your device as a keyboard or touchpad. This enables you to run presentations on your iOS device.

Go to https://www.citrix.com/content/dam/citrix/en_us/documents/products-solutions/citrix-x1-mouse-datasheet.pdf to find more information on Citrix mouse x1

Enabling Receiver for use with Citrix X1 Mouse

You can connect and use the Citrix X1 Mouse within Citrix HDX Sessions. Currently, Receiver only supports one mouse model.  For details about the Citrix X1 Mouse, see http://www.citrix.com/products/mouse/overview.html.

The Citrix X1 Mouse is a bluetooth device, so to use it, you must enable bluetooth on your iOS device.

To connect and enable the Citrix X1 Mouse, in Receiver tap Settings and toggle on Citrix X1 Mouse.

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For left-handed users, you can switch the mouse buttons: in Receiver tap Settings and toggle Left-handed mouse.

If you’re using the Citrix X1 Mouse in a Windows virtual desktop, you can also enable left-handed mouse from the Windows Control Panel. Go to Mouse Properties to configure your mouse.

Enabling Receiver to use an external display

Receiver for iOS supports external display with iPhone and iPads.

External display functionality is available through the following methods:

  • AirPlay
  • Lightning to VGA adapter
  • Lightning Digital AV Adapter

External display is not recommended for older iPads (non-Air models) and iPhones (5c and earlier) due to the high processing requirements.

To enable external displays, in Receiver, tap Settings, then tap Display Options. Toggle on External Display.

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External display and presentation mode are compatible with Citrix X1 Mouse.