Setup Citrix Receiver Windows 10

This guide will assist you to setup Citrix Receiver for access to your MIT Desktop.
Access to the MIT Desktop enables you to use any applications and files relevant to your studies from
any geographical location, as long as you are connected to the internet. It is just like using the
computers in the labs on campus.
To install Citrix Receiver
1. Power up your device and ensure you are connected to the Internet.
2. Open Internet explorer and visit
3. Click on “Download Receiver for Windows”, and the installer file for Citrix will start to
download on your computer’s default location.
4. Double click on the downloaded file to start installation. Accept all default settings and click
‘Finish’ at the end to complete the install.
*Note: you do not need to “Add an account”
5. Once Citrix is fully installed, open
your favorite internet browser and
navigate to the BYOD portal
6. Log in with your staff username only
and password.
7. Click on MIT Desktop to get started.