Log In & Off from MIT Desktop

This Guide will show how to sign in and out from your MIT Desktop

Log On

1. Open your Safari browser and navigate to our BYOD portal https://apps.manukau.ac.nz1
2. Log in with your username and password.
3. At login you will see below window, note top right hand corner will show your name at successful login



4. Click on MIT Desktop , this will log you into your virtual desktop


Log off Vs Disconnect

1. While in your virtual desktop environment , you can click on Log off as normal
*Log off will close your session completely please ensure you save all your work in H drive or local drive
2. You can also choose to “Disconnect “this option will terminate your session temporary.
Your desktop state will be recorded and will remain same at your next login in case you need to work after a short while.

Important: Please save all your work before disconnecting, session will automatically reset if they are not used for a while on the same day