Installing Office 365 Mac OS X

Students of MIT are entitled to have up to 5 Microsoft Office 365 licenses for their own personal devices.1
This means you can download and install Office on your own computer free of charge on 5 different devices.
*uninstall any other version of Microsoft office you might have installed before you continue with below steps
To download, follow these quick steps;
1. Login to your student email via Enter your student email address and
password. The email format is and use your normal MIT login password.
2. When you have successfully logged into your student email look for the gear icon at the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on it to get the pull down menu and select “Office 365 ” under My apps Settings

You can also use the search for word “office” in the search box












3. When the next window appears, select “Install Status” from the left pane and on the right you will see the option to ‘Install desktop applications‘. Click on it to continue.
*Detected installs: 0 – indicates how many licenses you have already used out of the 5 provided










4. Click on ‘Install’ to start downloading the installer file.


Note: The Office 2016- 365 Package provides;
– Word
– Excel
– PowerPoint
– OneNote
– Outlook
– Access
– Publisher
– One drive
B. There is also an option to install a lower
version 2011-Office 365


5. When the Installer file starts downloading a pop up message will appear as shown.










6. Once the download has completed open Finder, go to Downloads and double-click Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg.









7. The Install screen will appear. Select Continue to begin the installation. Read and agree to the License Agreement.
8. Enter your Mac admin password to complete the process.
9. Installation is complete when the “Installation was successful” message is displayed.





 Activate Office 2016 for Mac

After Office 2016 for Mac has been installed, Word 2016 for Mac will open so you can activate Office and confirm your subscription. Note; You will only have to do this once;

1. Review the Word 2016 for Mac What’s New screen. Select Get started to start activating.
2. Click Sign in and enter your student email address, then click Next.
Enter your password on the next screen and click Sign In





3. The system will check if you have a valid license. The product will be activated and you’re done!
4. Click Start Using Word to open up the application.