Printing from your BYOD ‐ MIT Desktop

This guide will show how to print to MIT Ricoh printers and Local printers from BYOD environment when you
log in MIT Desktop. For Printers to map properly please ensure citrix receiver is installed.


Printing to MIT Printer
While you are logged into your MIT Desktop the printers should be
connected as normal and you can send prints to Ricoh‐BW‐New and Ricoh‐Color‐New
– You will have to be on campus when you send the print
– Swipe your ID cards on the nearest Ricoh Printer to you to print
– Ensure you have money in your account and your ID card is registered

Printing to Local Printer at Home
When you logged into MIT Desktop at home, by default the BYOD environment will also connect all local printers ‐ see example below
– Your local default printer will automatically become your default printer in your MIT Desktop
– Depending on the file size you printing from MIT‐Desktop to your local printer it might be slow
– If you have a huge file to print it might be easier to save the file to your local Disk and printer directly to your local printer