March 2017 Monthly Report

Staff Update

ICTS Project Update

Systems Update

ICTS Service Level Agreement Performance

Infrastructure Usage/Capacity/Performance

Incident and Service Request Reporting

Service Level Targets

ICTS Project Update

Staff Update 

Offer made to preferred candidate for Senior Systems Engieneer vacancy (replacement for Alex).

Ricoh Invoice Automation and Telephone Usage Billing

Since January 2017, ICTS has taken over the Ricoh invoicing process . Although work is still being done on eh automation layer – ICTS can process the invoice in the new format and charge cost centres only for their own printer/copier usage. ICTS will engage an external vendor during March to develop code within Talend to automate the entire process. It is expected to have this process fully automated by the end of March2017.

Business Intelligence Investigation

MIT is yet to provide feedback to the vendor regarding the EFTs report. This will be done as soon as current deadlines have been met. Once this pilot is signed off, the PMO will prejectise the BI framework within the organisation. All future BI development will be planned/scheduled by the PMO.


Roll-out of Skype for Business to end-users now complete apart from MIT Health Centre. This is scheduled for early April.

Skype-for-Business Analogue and Fax Replacement

Have number required and engaging with third party supplier to migrate these services off the Mitel to the AudioCode environment. Initial target for completion is end of June.

Skype-for-Business Manukau Migration

Early stages of planning to migrate Manukau users to Otara platform, shutdown Manukau platform and establish fail-over environment.

MIT Enterprise Network Upgrade

Progressing according to project plan.

  • Network Management & Monitoring – Completed rollout of product network wide. Project can be completed once PIR actioned.
  • Security Architecture & Roadmap allocated to OSS-Group and due for completion be end of May. 
  • Edge Switch Replacement RFQ completed and NSP ws successful vendor. Order has been placed.

Backup & Archiving

Migration of data continuing.

Replacement Contact Centre Software

Product recommendation approved. Project team formed and project started. Steve Jones is the Project Owner. Over February the primary financial and purchase order preparation work was completed ready for the project kick-off and discovery work in early March. This new software along with Skype for Business is part of the Project to retire the old MITEL telephony system which is now past end of life.

There will be 3 instances of the software installed in this project, the main MIT Information Service and Application Contact Centre, ICTS Service Desk and FM Helpdesk. These services receive between 15,000 and 16,000 calls per month.

The software provides a lot of productivity improvements in call handling like skills based routing to help customers get to the right people and call tracking to assist in staff training along with wallboards and detailed reporting. It is expected to take 16 weeks and be in production by end of June.

Applications Whitelisting

Appsense upgraded and POC established. Results to be reviewed at the end of April before activating policy.

DR/BC Technical Plan

Service restoration documentation currently being compiled. Target is to have this completed by end of April.

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Systems Update


  • Windows patching continued throughout March.
  • Library web site migrated to external provider Springshare on 2nd March.
  • Bomgar upgraded to 16.2.4.
  • NetScaler environment upgraded. Prerequisite for 2 Factor authentication.
  • Emergency upgrade (due to a possible exploitable security vulnerability) applied to Moodle on 21st March.
  • Appsense upgraded to latest version on 21st March.
  • Solarwinds finally removed on 22nd March.
  • Confluence upgraded on 28th March.
  • Nagios alerting upgraded on 28th March to show when an error has been ‘acknowledged’ (someone is working on the issue).





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ICTS Service Level Agreement Performance


Enterprise Services Availability

All Enterprises Services were at 99.5% or higher availability for February.

Services availability is measured on total uptime (excluding planned scheduled outage windows) minus any unscheduled outages.

The Availability measurement for services listed is 7.30am to 6.00pm, 5 days a week apart from Voyager and this measurement is based on 7.30 to 9.00pm, 7 days a week. Core Infrastructure Services (Compute and Network) are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Major Infrastructure Outages/Incidents during March 2017

There were one service outage during SLA hours in March.

Issues during March:

  • Outage of Amazon Web Services on 1st March. Problem was isolated to servers in USA so minimal impact on SMS LMS integration. 
  • Website failed on 3rd March. This is a hosted service and Sales & Marketing resolved with the supplier.
  • Encountered expired certificate with Exchange Unified Messaging service. Service down from 11:58 am until 12:55 pm.
  • Canvas issues encountered on 8th March. Problem appeared to be with external supplier and would have caused intermittent access issues for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Power outage on South Campus on the weekend of the 11th/12th. All services restored on Sunday 12th.
  • Encountered connectivity issues with the wireless network environment at Otara on the 14th March. See attached Outage Report.
  • Internet filtering issues encountered on 27th March. Required updating the Web- filter category for Fortiguard DNS to resolve.
  • Change made to Citrix environment to remove access rights and turn maintenance mode on for all delivery groups on the 28th March.

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Infrastructure Usage/Capacity/Performance




Email Usage

Average size of Email boxes/storage


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Incident and Service Request Reporting

Actual Incident Summary


Actual Service Request Summary





Service Level Targets




















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