January 2017 Monthly Report

ICTS Project Update

Systems Update

ICTS Service Level Agreement Performance

Infrastructure Usage/Capacity/Performance

Incident and Service Request Reporting

Service Level Targets

ICTS Project Update

Ricoh Invoice Automation and Telephone Usage Billing

Since January 2017, ICTS has taken over the Ricoh invoicing process.
Although work is still being done on the automation layer – ICTS can process the invoice in the new format and charge costs centres only for their own printer/copier usage.
ICTS will engage an external vendor in the beginning of February to develop code within Talend to automate the entire process. It is expected to have this process fully automated by the end of February 2017.

Business Intelligence Investigation

Due to the holiday period, the vendor was unable to complete the EFT Pilot Report. However, the vendor has been working with Finance to finalise this piece of work. It is expected that the EFT report pilot will be completed by mid February 2017.


Roll-out of Skype for Business to end-users now complete apart from MIT Enterprise/Plumbing School. Will complete migration of all users by the end of February. Remaining technical tasks before switching off Mitel are replacing the fax capability, migrate analogue phones to AudioCode and replacement of Contact Centre software. The major 488 issue has been resolved.

Migration of WAN & Internet Services to 2degrees

Completed & Project closed.

MIT Enterprise Network Upgrade

  • Network Management & Monitoring – SOW finalised, hardware delivered, suppliers on-site 8th February.
  • Will engage external Security provider to re-evaluate ‘scope’ of security step of the MIT Enterprise Network Upgrade approved for 2017
  • Confirming required number of network switches for the Edge Switch Replacement step of the MIT Enterprise Network Upgrade

2016 CAPEX Device replacement

2016 replacement plan has been produced from our Service Desk asset database, with replacing oldest equipment first and sent to Faculty and Service Centre Managers. The January roll out has progressed well with the Classrooms completed. The balance of equipment is planned to be completed over February and early March.

2017 Contact Centre Software – Steve

Late in 2016 an evaluation of software for the MIT Contact Centre, Facilities Management Helpdesk and ICTS Service Desk was under taken. Over January the selection process was completed and a supplier selected. This new software along with Skype for Business is part of the Project to retire the old MITEL telephony system which is now past end of life. The successful product selected was Geomant and the project to install and commission this is to start in February.

The software provides a lot of productivity improvements in call handling like skills based routing to help customers get to the right people and call tracking to assist in staff training along with wallboards and detailed reporting. It is expected to take 16 weeks and be in production mid-May.


Citrix MIT

Two remaining groups to be migrated before closing down the Manukau Citrix environment.

Backup & Archiving

Migration of data continuing.

Replacement Contact Centre Software

Product recommendation approved. Project team formed and project planning started.

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Systems Update


  • Facilities Management have tentatively scheduled another test of MITM Data Centre Bypass Switch on the 8th February.
  • Otara HiveManager environment upgraded.
  • License updates for MedTech actioned.
  • Skype for Business Certificates renewed.


*Firewall stats for January are not available at this stage*





















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ICTS Service Level Agreement Performance




Enterprise Services Availability

All Enterprises Services were at 99.5% or higher availability for January.

Services availability is measured on total uptime (excluding planned scheduled outage windows) minus any unscheduled outages.

The Availability measurement for services listed is 7.30am to 6.00pm, 5 days a week apart from Voyager and this measurement is based on 7.30 to 9.00pm, 7 days a week. Core Infrastructure Services (Compute and Network) are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Major Infrastructure Outages/Incidents during January 201

There were no service outage during SLA hours in January.

Issues during January:

  • Problem with certificates expiring caused network authentication issues with the MIT-Domain wireless service for some users on the 20th January. Issue finally cleared on the 23rd January. Users still had access to the wired service and other wireless domains during this time.
  • Applied a successful fix for the Skype 488 error on the 23rd January (Technical staff work with AudioCode on this resolution)

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Infrastructure Usage/Capacity/Performance




 Email Usage

Average size of Email boxes/storage


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Incident and Service Request Reporting

Actual Incident Summary


Actual Service Request Summary





Service Level Targets















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