Printing for Staffs

Using Ricoh Printers at MIT

MIT staff are able to print, scan and use the copier function on any Ricoh printer, as long as they have a MIT ID card.

A few things to note:

  1. You will need to register your MIT ID card on the Ricoh printer before it can be used for the first time.
  2. The cost associated with printing and copier functions are charged back to the department of the employee via the department cost code ( please always ensure “Department Code ” is updated and correct )
  3. Two print queue will automatically be mapped to your MIT computer and you can print to them – Ricoh BW ( black and White prints ) and Ricoh Colour ( colour prints )


Follow the below guides for printing , copying and scanning features at MIT

I tried to print a dcoument, but nothing came out ?

Please check the following :

  1. The printer has sufficient paper
  2. There are no faults displayed on the printer

If the problem with the document you are trying to print was not because of the above listed reasons, your money will be deducted from your account however it will be refunded at the end of the day when a system check is carried out.

If you are still experiencing a problem,  please give us a call at 09 9687600 option 2

When should I not print from a printer?

Before you hit ‘Print’ to release your document to the printer, please check and ensure that the printer has;

  1. Not run out of paper – there will be red flashing light on the printer control panel, if so.
  2. There is an error message displayed on the printer eg paper jam error message – this will be rectified by Ricoh printer technicians. You call call and report the issue on the 0800 number listed on the printer
  3. When you have insufficient funds loaded in your student account. To load money on your account locate a top-up kiosk situated near you.
  4. Has been marked with a note “Out of Order”





How much does printing cost?

Printing Cost as follows:

A4 BW (single) = 10c per page
A4 BW (duplex) = 16c (8c per side)

A4 Colour (single) = 50c per page
A4 Colour (duplex) = 80c (40c per side)

A3 BW (single) = 20c per page
A3 BW (duplex) = 32c (16c per side)

A3 Colour (single) = $1.00 per page
A3 Colour (duplex) = $1.60 (80c per side)