EBS Student Management System (SMS)

The Student Management System (SMS) is the system of record for the management of student information from their initial contact to graduation. It also connects with external agencies such as the TEC,NZQA, StudyLink and the Ministry of Education and to report their enrolment status to internal systems such as Canvas, the library, Technology One and Security
The SMS comprises of a suite of module, listed below:

The Ontrack environment is designed for all staff, currently it is mainly used for staff who need to view student and curriculum information and/or have responsibility for recording attendance and result marking. Ontrack is a responsive webpage and is accessible compliant, it is best viewed in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, or any other HTML5 Compliant browser which is up to date.

Central is the environment used to update and maintain student details, enrolment, financial and results information as well as curriculum records. This is the main environment for administrators including the AskMe! team, and those who enter and maintain data.

For more information, support or to request access please contact the Academic Registry or SMS Team, using the contact details here.