Add & Enable Maori Keyboard in BYOD

This guide will show enable and use Maori keyboard layout while in your BYOD environment.
Add Maori Keyboard1
To get started click on windows Start button on bottom left of your screen and select Control Panel on the right





When Control Panel window open up depending on layout view, look for Change Keyboards or other input methods and click on it










Select Keyboards and Languages tab and click on Change Keyboard









Left Window first – select General tab and click on Add under installed services











Right Window second – Add Input language will open up, Look for Maori (New Zealand) and click on the + to expand Keyboard.
Check the box so a tick is displayed next to Maori and click OK when done.


Once the keyboard is added you see MR Maori (New Zealand) in the list
Click OK to finish and exit out from all windows











Enable Maori Keyboard
Now that you have added the keyboard, easy way to enable it when you need is selecting MR Maori (New Zealand) from the language Bar docked in the Taskbar


As shown on your right, please ensure MR is displayed in the Language bar, this indicates Maori keyboard is active.




To include Macrons on vowels press “~” on your keyboard at the same time you key a vowel letter.